Harmony of the ambiance

I speak not fictious things, but what is true and most certain. What is below is like that which is above, and what is above is like that which is below, to accomplish the miracles of one thing. And as all things were produced by the mediation of one Being, so all things were produced from this one thing by adaptation. (From the Tabula Smaragdina of Hermes Trismegistus).

As mentioned in the previous chapters, singing mantras is actually a metaphysical art that helps us to fulfill our life’s goal. When you are capable of receiving the soul’s high frequencies and subsequently ex-press these, you literally tune into the cosmos and live according to your destination, tao or dharma.It is not for nothing that there are so many references in India to the primal tone 'Nada', which heralds the beginning of all things. Hence the expression 'Nada Brahme': the world is sound.   

In Tibet the ever sounding tone is OHM, which can be found in all aspects of life. The mantra is the holiest of all mantras and also the symbol of the primal frequency of existence. As mentioned in the chapter OHM this mantra is the heftiest manifestation audible to the human ear. Mantra recitation starts off with this sound and as one progresses it resembles the pealing of an onion. The singer starts off audibly with the outer layer whereupon he grows more and more silent and tenuously peels off layer by layer to finally penetrate the realm of the soul where he becomes one with the creative word of God. It speaks for itself that this sound cannot be expressed and therefore remains an abstract image to the human mind. The sufi master Hazrat Inayat Kahn put it as follows: 'All space is filled with 'Sautc Surmad' or the 'Abstract Sound'.

The vibrations of this sound are too fine to be either audible or visible to the material cars or eyes, since it is even difficult for the eyes to see the form and colour of the etherial vibrations on the external plane. It was the 'Saute Surmad', the sound of the abstract, which Mohammad heard in the cave of Ghare-Hira when he became lost in his ideal. The Quran refers to this sound in the words: 'Be and all became' (Kun-feu-Kun). Moses heard this very sound on Mount Sinnai (Koh-i-Toor), when in communion with God. The same Word was audible to Christ when absorbed in his Heavenly father in the wilderness. Shim heard the same Anhad Naad during his Samadhi in the Himalayas. The flute of Krishna is symbolic of the same Sound allegorically explained. This sound is the source of all revelation to the Masters to whom it is revealed from within and it is therefore that they know and teach the one and the same Truth.(From the book “The mysticism of sound”)

Mathematic precision 
The idea of a universal truth that transcends all cultures and notions was already formulated in ancient Greece. The Greek philosopher Pythagoras, who presently is mainly known for the Pythagoras theorem, was fascinated by the way the universe was woven together and how all cosmic processes took place with a certain mathematical order. He was convinced that the planets produced specific tones and vibrations and that their combined spheres produced some sort of celestial harmony. Pythagoras discovered that certain tones relate to one another in a specific way. For instance he found out that by dividing the length of a snare into halves, the newly produced tone is one octave higher than the old tone. The whole snare then relates to the shortened part as 2:1. So music and tones know a strict rule that not only makes the technique of music accessible, but also the way in which man vibrates and resonates according to a higher plan.

The Swiss mathematician and musicologist Hans Cousto continues this old line of Pythagoras with modern means, thus providing a scientific foundation for the cosmic resonances of the planets. To undergo this bodily he constructed special tone forks and overtone flutes that enable one to tune into these frequencies. (More information can be found here: ) According to his findings the rule of the octaves applies both to mathematics as music. This makes it possible to combine astronomic and musical formulas. By the law of the octave it is possible to render the whole solar system via mathematical formulas into sound. Due to the universal values of these sounds they can be applied to different areas.

It is possible for instance to produce accurate cosmically tuned meditation music which has a more profound effect than music tuned by the ear. The same applies to the medicinal and therapeutic applications of music or the musical interpretation of a horoscope. By translating the mutual positions and relations into music which is tuned to these tones a physical and genuine musical sound image of a certain astronomic constellation can be created. Another interesting field of application is the so called tone puncture in which the tone fork is held closely to an acupuncture point so that the vibrations are guided through the meridians. 

Drawing from Ray Grasse's Astrology








a Chakra Planet Gland Color Frequency (HZ) Verb
1 Root Saturnus Ovaria/ Testicles Red 147.85 I have
2 Navel Moon Adrenal Orange 210.42 I feel
3 Solar Plexus Mars/Sun Pancreas Yellow 144.72/126.22 I can
4 Heart Venus Thymus Green 221.23 I love
5 Throat Mercury Thyroid Blue 141.27 I speak
6 Third eye Jupiter Pituitary Violet 183.58 I see
7 Crown Uranus Pineal Indigo 207.36 I know


Beyond the form 
Another person who also performed a thorough study of the impact of sound is Frank Perry. He is less mathematical and methodical as the Swiss Cousto and uses Tibetan sound owls to tune himself to the harmony of the spheres. In line with Hein Braat he states that the tuning of the body, mind and soul by means of sound is an intuitive science that is ultimately about transcendence. The voice, flute, or sound bowl can open the doors to the higher bodies and by continuous practice you can raise your sensitivity and clairaudience to ultimately experience the spiritual dimensions ‘behind’ the sound. It is just like singing in a big choir. First you are busy developing your own voice and only then you learn how wrap yourself up in the big celestial harmony .